15-20 Year Old solar sceens

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This picture is one that I took prior to an installation. It shows what old solar screens look like. Now, in this installation of these old solar screens, the people put a solar screen over the non‑opening portion of the window, and then they put a separate solar screen within the opening portion of the window. Doing it this way allowed the person from inside the home to remove that solar screen from the opening portion of their windows so they could get in and out of the window. How we build our solar screens for windows like this is we now build one big screen that goes over the top and bottom.

It goes over the non‑opening portion and the opening portion, and we put turn clips. Pricing for solar screens built this way is better too.  The turn clips will allow you to take the screen on and off. From the inside, if you have to, you could push the screen out so that you could get out through the window if you ever had to.

These old solar screens, as shown in this picture, were made probably about 15 to 20 years ago. The product that was used was what’s called Vimco. The Vimco fabric is what is called a 20/30 fabric. It’s about a 60 percent shading fabric. It doesn’t hold up in the sun super well. It’s a very cheap fabric. It’s what was used all over town back during this period.