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Kyle Texas Solar Screens

What an awesome patio ideal for our roller shades. A roller shade could have been mounted from pole to pole. We would have likely used two 10 to 12 foot long patio roller shades. The roller Shades would have mounted pole to pole. And I would have dropped to where that stonework there is that goes around each Pole. That would be as far as you would want or need the exterior patio roller shades to drop. The exterior patio roller shades do not need to drop all the way to the concrete floor. If the roller shades did drop all the way to the concrete floor, you would have to make them narrower. You would need to make them narrower to get the clearance around those stone bottom columns. You do not need exterior patio roller shades to provide shade for your feet. Which is what you would get if you had a roller shade drop all the way to the concrete floor.  Exterior patio roller shades dropping to those columns there would yield plenty of shade for that back patio.

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This floor plan of this house in Kyle, Texas is one that we did solar screens for on this house and then we turned around and did the exact same floor plan for two other houses. We did three homes in this area with the exact same floor plan. We put solar screens on three different homes in the area using the exact same floor plan.

That did not negate us from going over and measuring each and every window. Even though we had measurements for one of the homes, we still went over and measured all the windows again. It’s really important to us that we make these screens correctly and precisely for each of these windows.

A home could have shifted, the builder could have used a little different size of a window here and there, all kinds of things. It’s important to not cut any corners and be very thorough and get measurements for every one of our windows, which we did.

This guy here, he did not put a solar window screen there in the back patio door. It’s not needed but it might have looked a little bit better. I do think that he, later on as the years progressed, put a screened in porch back there. That screened in porch probably negated him from even needing solar screens on those windows underneath that back patio.

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