Champion windows mounted side by side

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With Champion windows, when they’re mounted side by side, they’re mounted using this mullion, this material that you see here in the center of this picture. That’s what holds those two windows together. Without that you would just have two regular 34‑inch wide windows.

The same windows that are used in your home where you just have one window of the same size can be mounted next to another. You can have two windows mounted next to each other or you can have three when you put that mullion in. When that mullion gets put in it requires us to then use a different size of clip. We use a 3/16 inch clip to hold the screens.

I can tell you from experience, I have seen many people’s homes where other installers, other companies, have put solar screens on. On this kind of mullion, they don’t use these small clips like we do.


We take the time and we’ve sourced these small clips, had them powder‑coated so that they match the white framing, and we do it right. Too many people out there cut corners and they use the 5/16 thick, or deep, I should say, clip, which is perfect for what would be the left and right side of these two windows here, but not there on top of that mullion.

If you do, it will not hold that screen very well. There will be a gap between the tip of that clip and the framing of that screen. You really need to do things right and you need to use the appropriate sized clip.

On my truck and trailer, I carry all sizes of clips. I even carry one up to a 7/16 inch. I rarely have to use it, but it gives me the flexibility of being able to do things right instead of in a not such correct way.

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