Chocolate Solar Screen Fabric w/ White Limestone

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These are chocolate solar screens, 90 percent chocolate solar screens with white framing. This is the right color combination for this Round Rock Texas house. They could have used a champagne framing around the chocolate solar window screens because the champagne would have tied in with the brick, but the white works really well, because they have white limestone.

They have got a bunch of white limestone rock in combination with these champagne, reddish tinted bricks.

There on the roof of the house, the third floor. You are going to see a solar screen on that little window. Imagine what this home would have looked like without that window covered with a solar screen. It would have not looked good, it would have looked odd; you would have had just shiny glass up there. With that solar screen, it makes the front of the house look really clean, uniform, and consistent.

Additionally, over the front door, there is a solar screen there, these guys didn’t need a solar screen there for shade, but they did for uniform and clean look.