Gray fabric solar window screens

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Here we have gray fabric solar screens with white framing. You’ll see there, on the bottom left, three windows, and then the second floor, top left, two windows. You see that white window framing that just pops out at you? I’m not a big fan of the way that looks. I ( would have preferred them to have put the champagne framing around their solar screens. The champagne framing would have tied in very well with the champagne tones of the brick. I think it would have been a better looking installation.

The three arched windows over the rectangular windows there, in the middle of the house, those are of the 90 percent fabric. You can somewhat tell by means of these pictures that it is a different shade, or a different density of fabric. Those windows, all six of those, lead into this customer’s family room and living room.

Those three arched windows up top, if you have a home like this, or you have a home with three arched windows that lead into your family room, you know how difficult they are to shield from the sun, not having any kind of drapery or any kind of blinds up there. These solar screens are imperative to a person like yourself, or like this guy, here. The 90 percent fabric was something that he desperately wanted for those windows. Those windows got blasted by the sun.

Now, he did not put a solar-screen over that little window with his patio door. I would have preferred him to have put a solar screen there, as well. You can tell by looking at these pictures that the sun is just going through that little patio door.