Mounting techniques of screw on screens

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With this picture, I am illustrating these solar screens, illustrating how they are installed. The three windows up top, I installed the solar screens onto the framing that goes around the glass to hold the glass in place for the window. My solar screens are screwed onto that framing. See how nice and tight those solar screens are up there? The fabric’s not wavy. It’s because they’re screwed on and they’re pulled nice and tight.

Now the windows below, they’re opening windows. The windows up top, the second floor, those are non‑opening windows. We get to screw those straight on. The opening windows there below on the first floor, you can’t screw straight on. If you do, then it creates a fire hazard. You have to be able to get out.

So we put these turn clips on. You’ll see eight inches from the top of the screens and eight inches from the bottom of the solar screens, we have our die cast metal turn clips. Those turn clips that we put onto the screen are put onto the window frame that hold the solar screens in place.

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