Solar Screens for just the opening portion of a window

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Often we will go to people’s homes and we will see the opening portion of their windows covered with a solar screen. This is not a correct thing to do. What it is, is it’s the homeowner’s attempt at putting a solar screen on their window. Instead of doing a solar screen for the entire window, they go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and a source solar screen fabric.

They remove the bug screen from the opening portion of the window, and using the framing for that bug screen, they will roll solar screen fabric in to it themselves, and then they’ll put that bug screen back in the window. Their logic is, “Well, I’ve got half of the window covered,” but half of the window doesn’t do the window justice. The whole window has to be covered with the solar screen fabric. That’s the idea of solar screen fabric, is to provide shade for all of the glass of that window.

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