TeraVista Solar Window Screen Installation

This home would have been a great one to have installed some of our roller shades on. Actually, we would have just needed one roller shade.  That one roller shade would have mounted there over the steps. That would have been a great place for a roller shade. I don’t know if a roller shade there to the left, on that gazebo would have been great. As you still get plenty of Sun through the roof of that gazebo. But our Austin TX Patio Roller Shadees there on that front part of that gazebo might have been good. As it looks like people collect there on that gazebo. Looks like that’s where the people sit. And it may be that roof provided enough modest shade.

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This is a Round Rock solar screen installation that we did on a home in TeraVista subdivision. Insert link.

We installed 11 solar screens on this Round Rock, Texas home. We put the 90 percent fabric on all of our solar screens. We installed all of these solar screens on the back of this customer’s home. The customer did not have us put any solar screens on the front, left, or right sides. It’s the back side of this home that faced due west. It was the back side of this home that got blasted by the heat.

This customer put the solar window screens on their house in January of 2013, which I absolutely love because they’re thinking ahead of the upcoming summer. We do quite a bit of business in the January, February, and March months because people have the foresight to have the screens installed in advance in preparation for the summer.

Now, you’ll see that one of the windows they did not put a screen on. That is going to be their back patio door. They chose to leave a screen off of that door. The reason they chose to is because they have two large dogs and they didn’t want the dogs messing with the screen.

It has been our experience that the dogs do not mess with the screens. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it’s just such a dark fabric that they really don’t understand it and they don’t really mess with it.

I always encourage people to put the screens on the windows if you feel that they’re getting the sun because the shade is so important.