This home has a bunch of arched windows here on the front

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This home apparently is now being sold, hence the “For Sale” sign there in the front yard. This home has our ( chocolate solar screen fabric with brown frame screens. We put solar screens ( on all of the windows at the front of the home, as well as windows on the left and right side of the house.

This home has a bunch of arched windows here on the front. There are three arched windows on the first floor, left‑hand side, and then three arched windows second floor right‑hand side.

These are rather tall windows. Those windows there on the first floor left‑hand side, look how tall those things are. I bet you that center arch window is at least 96 inches, and then the windows there to the right‑hand side first floor, those rascals are tall as well, as well as the ones above there on the second floor. Sometimes we come across homes that have very tall windows like these. Look at that gargantuan large arched window over the front door. That thing is massive.