Two arched side by side windows

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Shown here are two arched windows mounted next to each other. Got to make sure that you understand this is two windows. This not one big window, it’s two windows, so it’s going to need two arched solar screens. That means two arched $20 cost plus the width and height measurements for each of those windows.

This particular kind of windows here, they are pop‑in windows. When we build our Austin solar window screens, we will build them to be spring loaded at the top. They’re going to fit into a lip provision there at the top of the window and a lip provision at the bottom of the window. Those screens are going to be held into place by being popped into the window.

Now, to the right of that ladder, you’ll see a dormer window. Dormer windows are easy for a person to think that they’re not of importance, but they are of importance. They’re very much of importance. The dormer window lends heat into the attic, so when we shade it, it will provide shade for the attic.

Additionally, this is the front of the home. If you left that dormer window off, this installation would not have looked very good. The cost was trivial, it was very minor. It’s a small window, so it doesn’t really make a big difference, cost wise, to put a screen on that dormer window.

Two side by side windows. These are two 34 by 80 inch tall windows mounted next to each other. These same two windows could have individually been installed throughout the rest of the house.

When you go to a home and you say, OK, I’ve got these two windows and I have another one, let’s say on the side of the house and it looks the same but isn’t the same. It is. It’s the exact same windows, they’re just mounted next to each other using mullion, which is a center mounting. If you go to look at that window, you’re going to see where that mullion is screwed into your windows to hold the windows together.

These windows are pop‑in windows, so we spring load our solar screens to fit into the windows and hold themselves in place by means of spring loaded clips at the top of the screens.