Windows without solar screens for Dormer Windows

This picture is of the front of this home, showing what it looks like to exclude those dormer windows, there, on the third floor, as well as the windows around the front door and the sidelight windows. Now, I think the home would have looked better with those dormer windows screened with solar screens, as well as the windows around the front door.

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However, this customer had already had old solar screens on their home, and so they were very much used to having a bunch of windows without solar screens. Their old solar screens that they had on their home did not cover the half circle windows. They didn’t have solar screens on the dormers, and they didn’t have them around their front door. They were already acclimated to it.

My instincts tell me that if this was a new solar screen endeavor for this customer that they would have wanted solar screens on all of those windows. This is what I have found, that these guys that have already had screens before, and the screens before were not installed on certain windows, have gotten to the point where they live with it, with those solar screens not being on those windows. Therefore, it’s not as much of interest for them to put solar screens today on those windows.

Truth be told, I’m glad they didn’t put solar screens on those two dormer windows, simply because it would have been almost impossible for me to have gotten up there to have put them on. Those windows are really, really high. They’re way up there. It would have been very treacherous for me to have gotten up there. Had they asked for it, I would have found a way, but selfishly, to be open and frank, I’m glad they didn’t.

Update:  We got a call from this customer some many years later after we put on her solar screens. This customer just loves her solar screens. She told her boss at her company about our solar screens. So we visited with her boss. And for the building that they work in, they could not have solar window screens. They cannot have them mounted on the outside of their windows. But what they could have was internal commercial roller shades. So we built them 8 internal commercial roller shades for her company. The feedback that we got is that they love them. Internal commercial roller shades mount on the inside of the window. They roll up and down just like roller blinds. Often people call them roller blinds. The technical term is commercial roller shades.